5 Reasons Your Package Delivery Service Uniforms Matter to Customers

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Quality designed uniforms for delivery and postal workers. Man delivers package to client as the client signs for the package

Your package delivery customers expect a prompt and professional experience. First impressions matter. Research shows that one-tenth of a second is all it takes for a customer to form an initial impression. This means that every detail matters when aspiring to "deliver" a perfect package delivery experience.

In the cut throat package delivery industry, there are plenty of opportunities to differentiate your business to rise to the top. Package delivery businesses must deliver attention to detail to successfully motivate customers to select their delivery service month after month and year after year. Outfitting employees from high level management to warehouse staff and delivery drivers in a way that represents your brand image and commitment to quality is imperative.

In addition to being professional and crisp looking, package delivery garments must be functional. They must withstand long hours of labor and remain pressed and clean. Delivery staff also require a range of garments from rain wear to warm outerwear and breathable polo style shirts. Catering to the uniform needs of your package delivery staff benefits both employees and the brand.

Justifying the expense of premium uniforms can be tricky, so here is a compelling list of the reasons why your employee uniforms matter to your customers and are not only a priority, but also worth every dime spent.

1. Well Dressed Staff Are Confident

When package delivery staff feel confident and valued, they are more likely to convey that confidence to customers. High quality uniforms made from premium fabrics that are well fitting, crisp and flattering put a little bounce in the steps of employees that is noticed by customers, if only on a subconscious level. 

2. High Quality Uniforms Set the Standard

When everyone from high level executives to warehouse staff, to delivery drivers are dressed in a sharp unified style, customers receive a positive impression and a subliminal high-quality standard is set in their minds. Customers perceive a high standard of performance from a brand that consistently appears professional.

3. Employees Are Always Dressed Appropriately

When employers provide perfectly fitting, high quality uniform work wear, the standard of dress is established. Customers know what to expect and they deduce that their packages are being treated with the same care as the employee's appearance.

Supervisors are relieved of having to enforce dress codes and make judgments about whether an article of clothing fits appropriately or is within the established dress code. The rule becomes simple- If the work wear is not the provided, branded garment, it is not permitted.

4. Uniforms Establish Team Branding

Customers appreciate the ability to easily recognize a delivery driver based on their branded uniform. Customers are more likely to open doors and engage with your delivery drivers when they are easily identifiable as an employee of your company. Customizing work garments is an effective way to create team identification which leads to a unified package delivery team.

5. Improved Customer Service

When customers can easily identify an employee by their uniform, customer service is improved. In the age of automation, customers appreciate knowing who their package delivery driver is and which company they represent. Delivery experience is diminished when drivers are independent contractors wearing t-shirts and driving unbranded box trucks. Package delivery uniforms improve the continuity of service and brand impression. Customers notice.

Why Partner with APIUM?

Surviving in a highly competitive industry requires you and your team to represent your package delivery brand with high end uniforms. APIUM is not cheap. It doesn’t look cheap and it isn’t cheap to design or manufacture. The team at APIUM understands first hand that when package delivery teams dress in premium garments, they exude quality and superiority. Our delivery clients regularly report how the increase in price to purchase premium, custom designed uniforms immediately pays for itself in customer retention, despite heavy competition.

As a brand, APIUM understands that when employees feel better about their appearance, they perform at a higher standard of excellence. The APIUM team never recommends that package delivery staff deliver highly insured parcels while wearing a $10 uniform. We are here to help with that.