6 Reasons to Outfit Your Automotive Team with APIUM

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Premium high quality automotive technician uniforms. Mechanic working on inside bay of car with grease covered gloves

There is a big misconception that automotive mechanics are grease covered and grimy. That is far from the truth. Your entire automotive team represents your brand and is the face of your quality work on a daily basis. Every employee from your GM to your service advisor to your mechanic influences the customer experience.

When your customers enter your automotive dealership, a well-dressed staff communicates to them that your operation is high quality from top to bottom. When the car runners or detailers responsible for fetching you car or cleaning it are dressed in the same quality garments as the sales team, it shows that your brand values every employee and their contribution to the bigger picture.

In additional to maintaining a professional appearance, automotive team garments must be functional and safe. They must withstand harsh weather and varied climates. Various automotive team members require a range of garments from rain wear to warm outerwear and breathable shirts. Catering to the uniform needs of your automotive team benefits both employees and the brand.

Justifying the expense of high quality, year-round uniforms can be challenging, so here is a compelling list of our top reasons why providing high quality automotive uniforms is not only a priority, but also worth every dime spent.
With the help of APIUM, your automotive team will be leaving the competition in the dust.

1. High Quality Uniforms Are an Employee Benefit

Attracting and retaining top notch employees is a challenge for every business in the automotive industry. Every benefit, no matter how small it may appear, improves your employment offering. Presenting new employees with a uniform package that is versatile for changing weather conditions, comfortable, and high quality communicates your commitment to your employees. Employees will not need to put wear and tear on their personal clothing. Word travels quickly in the automotive space and eye catching, high quality uniform garments may entice new employees to apply.

2. Employees Are Always Dressed Appropriately

When employers provide uniform work wear, the standard of dress is established. GMs are relieved of having to enforce dress codes and make judgments about whether an article of clothing is within the established dress code and whether it meets brand standards. The rule becomes simple- If the work wear is not the provided, branded garment, it is not permitted. Say goodbye to tattered, grease stained work clothes or ill fitting, wrinkled casual wear.

3. High Quality Uniforms Set the Standard

When everyone on your automotive team from sales to service is dressed in a sharp unified style, it sets the standard for your brand and the level of quality and professionalism you deliver to every customer. Customers will quickly recognize your automotive business as one of high standards and quality once they see how sharp your team looks next to the competition.

4. Workwear Establishes Team Branding

Automotive leaders fight hard for their brand. Customizing work garments is an effective way to create team identification which leads to a unified team. Your team is hard at work representing your brand and their garments should reflect that effort.

5. Uniforms Are Effective Advertising

Shirts, vortex jackets, sweatshirts, and hats with your construction company’s name and logo become walking advertisements for your brand both during business hours and beyond. Uniforms can even be added as a line item to marketing budgets.

APIUM garments make an excellent offering for customer display cases and giveaways, as well.

6. Lead a Team of Professionals

Mechanics and car salespeople are unjustly pegged as unprofessional and dishonest. Leading a team of professionals who are dressed to impress will make a strong impact on your customers. When you treat your automotive team as a team of professionals, they will rise to the occasion. Your team, like other teams of employees, reflects the standards of their leadership. When you present your team with uniforms that reflect the high quality of your leadership, your team will repay with their gratitude and respect.

Why Partner with APIUM?

Commanding top dollar from your customers requires you and your automotive team to represent your brand with high-end uniforms. APIUM is not cheap. It doesn’t look cheap and it isn’t cheap to design or manufacture. The team at APIUM understands first hand that when an automotive team dresses in premium garments, they exude quality and superiority. Our dealership and repair shop clients regularly express how the increase in price to purchase premium uniforms translates into brand perception and employee morale and retention.

The APIUM team never recommends that automotive teams sell a $75,000 vehicle while wearing a $10 polo shirt. We are here to help with that.