9 Reasons to Outfit Your Golf Course Staff With APIUM

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Premium golf uniforms and golf apparel for golf players and clubhouse staff. Male golfer on course with clubs in foreground

Your guests expect an immaculate golfing experience. In this cut throat industry, golf courses and resorts must deliver attention to detail to successfully keep clients coming back month after month and year after year. Outfitting employees from high level management to golf course maintenance crew in a way that represents your brand image is imperative.

Why does your golf course crew’s workwear require attention? The way that your golf course crew appears to members and guests contributes to their impression of their experience. While your crew maintains fairways and carefully manicures greens, if their appearance isn’t sharp, the experience could be tainted.

In addition to being professional and crisp looking, golf course crew workwear garments must be functional. They must withstand harsh weather and hard outdoor work. Golf course crew also require a range of garments from rainwear to warm outerwear and breathable polo style shirts. Catering to the uniform needs of your crew benefits both employees and the brand.

Justifying the expense of high quality, year-round golf course crew uniforms can get tricky, so here is a compelling list of our top reasons why providing high quality workwear is not only a priority, but also worth every dime spent.

Premium golf course staff uniforms. Golf course staff digs hole in green

1. Workwear is Essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Golf course crews labor outdoors in harsh conditions. Your crew endures blazing sun, gusting winds, pouring rains, and frigid cold. Protecting your crew from the hazards of harsh conditions not only reduces liability, but it is your responsibility as a responsible employer. Golf course crew members are also exposed to UV rays, chemicals, insects, and other pests and must have the appropriate, high quality workwear to keep them safe and healthy.

2. High Quality Uniforms Set the Standard

 When everyone from check in staff, to waitstaff, and even golf course workers are dressed in a sharp unified style, guests receive a positive impression and a subliminal high-quality standard is set in their minds. Guests expect a high standard of performance from a team that appears professional.

3. High Quality Workwear is an Employee Benefit

Attracting and retaining top notch employees is a challenge for every golf course and resort. Every benefit, no matter how small it may appear, improves your employment offering. Presenting new employees with a uniform package that is versatile for changing weather conditions, comfortable, and high quality communicates your commitment to your employees. Employees will not have to put wear and tear on their personal clothing. Word of eye catching, high quality uniform garments may also entice new employees to apply.

4. Employees Are Always Dressed Appropriately

When employers provide uniform workwear, the standard of dress is established. Supervisors are relieved of having to enforce dress codes and make judgments about whether an article of clothing is within the established dress code. The rule becomes simple- If the workwear is not the provided, branded garment, it is not permitted.

5. Workwear Establishes Team Branding

Guests and management alike appreciate the ability to easily recognize a member of the golf course crew by glancing at the branded uniform. Customizing work garments is an effective way to create team identification which leads to a unified team.

6. Guests Know Where to Go

When golf course and resort guests can easily identify an employee by their uniform, customer service is improved. Guests never wander around with unanswered questions because they can easily and confidently identify an employee who is eager to help.

7. Uniforms Are Effective Advertising

Shirts, vortex jackets, sweatshirts, and hats with your golf club’s name and logo become walking advertisements for your brand both during business hours and beyond. Uniforms can even be added as a line item to marketing budgets.

8. Uniforms Comply with Safety Standards

Golf course crew always risk the possibility of being hit by a golf ball. High quality, fade-proof uniforms in bright colors are visible from farther away. Golfers will easily be able to spot golf course crew from across the green.

9. Lead a Team of Professionals

When you treat your crew as a team of professionals, they will rise to the occasion. Your golf course crew, like other teams of employees, reflects the standards of their leadership. When you present your crew with uniforms that reflect the high quality of your leadership, crew performance will repay with their gratitude and respect.

Why Partner with APIUM?

Commanding top dollar from your guests requires you and your team to represent your high-end brand with high end workwear. APIUM is not cheap. It doesn’t look cheap and it isn’t cheap to design or manufacture. The team at APIUM understands first hand that when a golf course crew dresses in premium garments, they exude quality and superiority. Our golf resort clients regularly explain how the increase in price to purchase premium workwear immediately pays for itself in guest satisfaction and employee morale and retention.

The APIUM team never recommends that golf course crew maintain a multi-million dollar golf course while wearing a $10 work shirt. We are here to help with that.