APIUM: Alignment of Comfort and Quality

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APIUM: Alignment of Comfort and Quality

The APIUM brand is not simply another corporate clothing line looking to be the “next big thing.” In fact, many businesses simply won’t “get” the APIUM brand. APIUM is not for everyone.

Let’s start off with who APIUM is NOT for:

  • APIUM is not for corporations that cut corners.
  • APIUM is not for businesses with high employee turnover rates.
  • APIUM is not for professional leadership who feels that high quality is for the C-level only.

If any of these sound like you, stop reading. Don’t waste your time.

What is APIUM?

For everyone who is still reading, congratulations for valuing your employees and let’s dive right in. The famous Fibonacci sequence, also known as the Golden Rule, is the universe’s most perfect infinite pattern that is both simple and complex. The APIUM logo is modeled after the Fibonacci sequence as a symbol of these elements. Much like the Fibonacci sequence, APIUM is an effortless synergy between simple, functional design and luxurious comfort.

Digging a bit deeper, honey bees operate their colonies largely according to the Fibonacci pattern in a way that has astounded scientists and mathematicians for years. Derived from the Latin word, “Apis,” APIUM is the word for a colony of bees. The queen bee represents the core values that APIUM covets and protects:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Innovation

The systematic order and seamless flow of a honey bee colony exudes a mastery of craft and a greater understanding of what it means to be a team.

Operating their hive largely according to the Fibonacci pattern, the worker bees are equally as important as any other bee and the hive functions collectively to protect the queen bee. How does this apply to your business? The queen bee represents the core values of an organization and without the dedicated support of each bee, the hive (your business) will crumble. APIUM consists of a global team of 10,000 individuals who function together to deliver the APIUM experience to you and your business.

What Does APIUM Mean For Your Team?

Whether you are an entrepreneur building your own brand, a small group of three craftsman, or a robust team of 1000 professionals, high quality and attention to detail is paramount to your core culture and APIUM is your brand.

The Entrepreneur

You are the adventurous one. You are the risk takers and the change makers. What you may lack in budget, you make up for in skill and will. Creating an elevated image for yourself and your start up team is simple with APIUM basics. Show up to your next proposal wearing uniform polo shirts or vortex jackets designed with impeccable attention to detail and exuding the height of quality. From the moment your team walks into the conference room, you will give the impression of experience and distinction. 

The Craftsman

Rugged doesn’t have to mean ragged. The hardworking hands of a craftsman paired with supreme quality work garments will distinguish your brand as one of excellence. From your “beanie” or “toque” hat to your weatherproof overshirt and even heavy duty work pants, double needle stitching and premium, abrasion resistant fabrics stand out in the crowd. With an emphasis on superbness and comfort, APIUM works hard to earn the trust of craftsman so that you can earn more bids with confidence.

The Professional

Any employer can place an order for a few hundred polo shirts to throw on a sales team and push them out the door. As the leader of a large company, differentiating your corporate brand and sales approach from those of your competitors is critical to success. One way to accomplish this is by holding your worker bees in high esteem and dressing them for success. Imagine the impression your team will make on prospective clients when they arrive in a polished polo style shirt with double needle stitching and a fused collar that holds its shape. When standing next to your competitor’s team, it will become immediately clear which team has the keen eye for detail. As an added bonus, professionals who are comfortable and are made to feel appreciated by their employers naturally perform at a higher caliber.

Let’s Talk Numbers

When you and your team sit around the table and discuss the value and quality of your company and how to communicate that value to your prospective clients, does your clothing ever come up in conversation? Probably not. The person who is responsible for purchasing likely picks a respectable looking shirt from a cumbersome catalog and slaps a logo on it.

From the moment you walk into the room to present your client with a proposal, they are subconsciously making judgments about you and comparing you to the competition. One of the most effective ways to tip the scale in your favor before you say a single word is to dress with deliberate sophistication and attention to detail. No more sifting through a big catalog. This is much too important.

Commanding top dollar from your clients requires you and your team to represent your high-end brand with high end work attire. APIUM is not cheap. It doesn’t look cheap and it isn’t cheap to design and manufacture. The team at APIUM understands first hand that dressing in premium garments allows your team to exude quality and superiority. Our clients regularly explain how the increase in price to purchase premium workwear immediately pays for itself in added clients and high dollar proposals.

The APIUM team never recommends presenting a five or six figure proposal while wearing a $10 shirt. We are here to help with that.